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Learn Professional Spanish in Colonial  "Old Mexico"
Imagine the Power of being Bilingual!

Mariachi and a Seņorita



  Lagos de Moreno is the ideal setting where you need to study Spanish.  It is an Old Colonial city founded in 1536AD, only 44 years after Columbus discovered America. It is perched atop the “Highlands of Jalisco”.  We enjoy  springtime weather almost year round.  The mild climate is due to the 6,350 feet elevation.  It is truly Old Mexico in every way.  Lagos has many ornate temples and municipal buildings.  There are also numerous small parks for just relaxing and enjoying the cool of the evening.  We are conveniently nestled between two International Airports.



     After class each day you will have ample free time to explore, tour, and sample the culture first hand.



     You will be impressed by the proven technique of  each daily activity reinforcing and building upon the earlier one.  Each day will begin with a two hour study of vocabulary and grammar.  After your break, the following hour will be devoted to reading and writing composition based upon the earlier session.  The last hour will be conversational practice based on the two earlier sessions. 



      After just 4 weeks of study (80 clock hours) you will receive a beautiful Diploma of   “Basic Spanish I and II.   After 6 weeks of study (120 clock hours) you will receive a Diploma  of  “Intermediate Spanish”.   Other disciplines are also offered.   See the “Courses offered” page, and the descriptive text below  “Individual Language Study”.



So just what does this mean to you?

  • The power of being bilingual
  • Qualifying for a more prestigious position
  • The opportunity to know Old Mexico
  • Free time to explore and learn the culture
  • Select private or group instruction
  • Enjoying many local activities



      None of your personal information will ever be sold, or traded to a 

      third party.  We respect your privacy!

Your new Language School
Here you will learn R A P I D L Y!

Lagos Language School
Privada Sta. Rita # 50
Colonia Sta. Elena
Lagos de Moreno, CP 47470
Jalisco, Mexico
Tel/Fax. 011-52-474-725-2238 
(as dialed from the USA)
We also have a direct line from Dallas, Texas.  It is:
(214) 778-5473




Learn Professional Spanish where it is spoken, in Old Mexico;
and it is best learned where it is best taught!