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Lagos Language Training

Where is Lagos de Moreno?

Where is Lagos de Moreno?
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Our Location

Our City has a population of approximately 120,000.  We are located on the North-Eastern side of the State of Jalisco, in what is called  “Los Altos de Jalisco”  (the Highlands).  We are located between the City of Aguascalientes (one hour to the North), and Leon, Guanajuato (35 minutes to the South).  Both cities have an International airport.  We are on highway that goes from San Luis Potosi south, through Leon, and then on to Mexico City.  We are 2.5 hours E.N.E. of Guadalajara, the capital of Jalisco.  Lagos de Moreno is about  a 12 hour drive from Laredo, Texas.



Getting here:  International Airport in Leon, Guanajuato.  We are served by a number of national bus lines such as Omnibus de Mexico, Primera Plus, Jorullo, and Flecha Amarilla.



To see the location on a map, go to  and scroll down to the tan colored map.  Move your cursor down the left edge of Mexico until “Jalisco” lights up.

“Click” on it and a state map will appear divided into 16 grids.  We are located in grid

#8.  Double click on our grid and a detailed map will appear.
Here is the map of Grid # 8


Learn Professional Spanish where it is spoken, in Old Mexico;
and it is best learned where it is best taught!