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Lagos Language Training

Comparative Prices of the Competition

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Comparative Prices of the Competition
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              JULY 2nd 2016 PRICES
Queretaro Language School - (OUT OF BUSINESS)

     Private study 20 hrs/week: $332.00 USD    Our price: $290.00

           "           "            2 weeks: $635.00 USD    Our price: $580.00

    Group study           1 week: $202.00 USD     Our price: $180.00


IMAC Language School (Guadalajara)

    Private study $21.00 PER HOUR Our price: $14.50 PER HOUR

Group cost $230.00 for 1 week Our price: $180.00

Olé Language School (Queretaro)

    Private study $17.50 per hour. Our Price: $14.50 per hour

   Group study 20 hrs $235.00. Our price $180.00       USD

Spanish Institute of Puebla  I have called all 4 Tel. numbers.  NO ANSWER

    Private Study $21.50 per hour 3 weeks minimum; Group study $13.33 per hour: 3 week minimum.       Our Price: Private study $14.50 per hour; Group study $10.00 per hour


Habla Hispana  (San Miguel de Allende)

  Private study: $16.00 USD per hour  Our Price: $14.55
Group study 20 hours $240.00. Our price $180.00

                                     What more can I say?


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Learn Professional Spanish where it is spoken, in Old Mexico;
and it is best learned where it is best taught!